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What To Do When Your Hot Water Goes Out

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Whether it’s a cold shower or ice water running over your hands when washing, we all know it’s not fun to run out of hot water. Most of us rely on hot water for everything from bathing to cooking and cleaning. And not having it when you need it can be a major inconvenience and put a rough start to your entire day. If this has happened to you, here are some steps you can take to get your hot water up and flowing as fast as possible. 

The first question to ask yourself is does it make sense that you would be out of hot water right now? If someone else has just showered or used a large amount of hot water, you may need to consider whether or not your current water heater is large enough for your household’s needs. If you are confident that your water heater should be providing a sufficient amount of hot water, consider the last time you had the unit maintenanced. Water heater manufacturers almost always recommend having your unit flushed and inspected annually. This applies to standard tank water heaters and gas tankless water heaters. You should also check for any signs of leaking or rust. Do you see water trail marks? Is there any dampness around or on the unit? If so, or if you don’t know the last time a licensed plumber inspected your water heater, then it is time to call in the pros.

Another solution could be to check the temperature that your water heater is set to. Your unit should be set between 120 – 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is set in the lower end of the range, you may want to try increasing the temperature a few degrees (most electric water heaters have 2 thermostats, make sure both are set to the same temperature). When the weather cools off, plumbing that is outside or in a non-temperature controlled space (like a garage) cools off too. This means the water heater needs to work harder to get the water hot. If you do turn the temperature up on your unit, try only adjusting it a few degrees and waiting 30-45 minutes. To adjust your water heaters temperature you will need to access the control panel. You will usually need a screwdriver to remove the cover of the panel and access the thermostat where you can increase the temperature. After waiting, turn on a faucet and see if your hot water returns. If not, then it’s time to look at your unit a bit closer.

What To Do When Your Hot Water Goes Out
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Electric Tank Water Heaters

If you have a standard tank electric water heater, try resetting the unit. We’ve all heard the phrase “Have you tried turning it off and back on?” As frustrating as this response can be to hear, it is said for a reason and that reason is that sometimes it works and is a quick fix. To reset your electric water heater, check to make sure the electrical breaker is on and didn’t get tripped. Electrical breakers can get “tripped” or turned off during power outages or if there was any reason the electrical could have caused a surge. To check the breaker; go to your home’s electrical panel, locate the breaker for your water heater and make sure it is in the on position. You can turn the breaker off and back on to be certain that it is on, wait roughly 30-45 minutes to see if your water is warming up. If this does not have success in restoring hot water then it is time to call the expert plumbers at Instant Plumbing and Rooter.

What To Do When Your Hot Water Goes Out

Gas Tank Water Heaters

If your water heater is a gas unit, the first thing you want to do is ensure the pilot light is lit. Note the color of the light, it should be blue with a little orange. If the pilot light engages but does not STAY lit then you may need a replacement part like a thermocouple. If this is your case, call us today to schedule a repair appointment.

What To Do When Your Hot Water Goes Out

Tankless Water Heaters

If you have a tankless water heater and noticed a sudden decrease in hot water there may be a simple solution. The first thing to do is reset the electrical breaker to ensure the unit did not lose power, this is an especially important step during stormy seasons. Even if you have a gas tankless water heater, there is still an electrical component that may need to be reset via the breaker. Again, consider the last time you had the unit serviced. Gas tankless water heaters need to be annually descaled with a special solution designed specifically for tankless water heaters. If you don’t know when your unit was last serviced, or if it has been close to or more than a year, then it is time to schedule an annual maintenance appointment with Instant Plumbing and Rooter. If your tankless unit is relatively new and was installed by a licensed plumber that is trained in tankless units and you find it is not sufficiently supplying your household with hot water, you may need to consider upgrading the unit or adding a second unit .

Remember, if you are ever concerned about your water heaters condition of functionality, you can always call Instant Plumbing and Rooter for a maintenance appointment. Whether it’s to restore hot water or give you peace of mind, Instant Plumbing and Rooter is here for you and your water heater!

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