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Replacing Cast Iron Drains in a Scottsdale Home

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Replacing Cast Iron Drains in a Scottsdale Home

In the heart of Scottsdale, nestled among the historic charm of the city’s older homes, we at Instant Plumbing and Rooter recently undertook a significant project—replacing the cast iron drain pipes in a home built in 1959. This story highlights the journey from discovery to completion, detailing the process, cost, challenges and outcomes of this essential plumbing overhaul.

Replacing Cast Iron Drains in a Scottsdale Home
Replacing Cast Iron Drains in a Scottsdale Home
Replacing Cast Iron Drains in a Scottsdale Home
Replacing Cast Iron Drains in a Scottsdale Home
Replacing Cast Iron Drains in a Scottsdale Home
Replacing Cast Iron Drains In A Scottsdale Home

The Discovery

The journey began when the homeowners experienced severe water damage from the cast iron drain under their kitchen sink. The aged pipe had rusted out and broke off at the slab, necessitating immediate attention. Upon conducting a thorough descaling of the cast iron drain lines, we performed a full camera inspection. This revealed multiple cracks and breaks in the lines connecting the kitchen to the bathrooms, alongside the already compromised kitchen drain. Faced with these findings, the homeowners decided to invest in a complete replacement of their cast iron drain system.

Assessment and Planning

Before starting the replacement, we meticulously assessed the condition of the drains. The descaling process removed the built-up scale inside the pipes, allowing for a clear and accurate camera inspection. This assessment confirmed the extensive damage and the need for a comprehensive replacement. As the professional plumbers on this project, our evaluation was thorough and detailed, setting the stage for the work ahead.

What Did This Cost?

The total cost for replacing the cast iron drains with new ABS piping was $21,750. This figure included labor, materials and all associated fees. Thanks to our detailed preliminary assessment, no unexpected expenses arose during the project. The thorough descaling and camera inspection allowed us to provide an accurate estimate, ensuring transparency and trust with our clients.

The Replacement Process

The replacement process was both extensive and meticulous. The homeowners temporarily moved out, allowing us to work without interrupting their home routine. Here’s a breakdown of the main stages:

  1. Descaling and Inspection: We arrived on a Friday and began with descaling, followed by a camera inspection to locate the lines and determine their depth.
  2. Excavation: We broke through the concrete to expose the cast iron drain lines, carefully removing flooring, tile, concrete and some drywall, as necessary.
  3. Removal and Replacement: On Tuesday, we removed all the cast iron drain lines, including those for the toilets, shower or tub drains, vanity sinks, kitchen sink and laundry drain. We also removed portions of the cast iron venting. The old pipes were replaced with new ABS piping, ensuring proper slope for drainage.
  4. Backfill and Cleanup: After installing the new pipes, we backfilled and compacted the dirt. Although we do not perform concrete, flooring or drywall repairs, we ensured all debris was cleaned up. We hauled away over 59 contractor bags of concrete and two truckloads of cast iron piping, leaving the site orderly and clean.

Challenges and Solutions

One notable challenge was working in a smaller bathroom where space constraints required creative problem-solving. To avoid a mess in the nursery for their baby, we had to barricade the door and enter through the bathroom window, demonstrating our commitment to minimizing disruption. Despite these challenges, the project proceeded smoothly and we completed the replacement efficiently.

Advice for Homeowners

For homeowners with cast iron drain piping, we recommend scheduling replacements during a whole-home remodel (if/when possible). The process involves loud jackhammers, trenches through living areas and unusable bathrooms, making it inconvenient to live in the home during the work. While the costs reflect the labor-intensive nature of the job, ensuring a smooth process is crucial. Trusting a professional team, like ours at Instant Plumbing and Rooter, guarantees a thorough and successful replacement.

Reflecting on the project, we initially hesitated to recommend a full replacement due to the cost and disruption. However, the decision proved beneficial for the homeowners, ensuring a reliable and efficient plumbing system. The transformation of this historic Scottsdale home’s drain system was a testament to careful planning, skilled execution and the enduring value of professional plumbing services.

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