How Much Does A New Water Softener Cost?

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Advanced Series Water Softener
Advanced Series Water Softener

How Much Does A New Water Softener Cost?

Water softeners bring many benefits to your home’s plumbing and water quality. Cleaner, more comfortable clothing and towels, healthier skin and hair, with crystal-clear dishes, are all thanks to water softeners. Improve your home’s water quality and get the best in water softener installation service from the experts at Instant Plumbing and Rooter.

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water consists of water and an overabundance of dissolved minerals. Some of the minerals in hard water include calcium, magnesium, and small traces of other deposits. While hard water poses no serious health risk, it can leave soap scum on your bathroom tiles, bathtub, dishes, clothing, and anything else washed with tap water. Hard water can also harm a person’s skin and hair, especially if that person suffers from sensitive skin.

How Hard Water Affects You and Your Home

Phoenix and the surrounding cities have some of the hardest water around. This means our water has higher concentrations of dissolved calcium and magnesium. Due to the hardness of our water, we can see and feel the effects. Water marks are left behind on surfaces and soap doesn’t produce as many suds, making it more difficult to clean or feel clean. This is where hard water’s name comes from – difficult to wash in.

Increased mineral content in a home’s water supply produces unwelcome issues such as:

  • Skin that feels dry, feels covered in soap residue
  • Dull, limp hair caused by excess buildup of shampoo
  • Dishes never look clean and are covered in mineral deposits
  • Clothes wear out quickly, capturing minerals that create stiffness and ruin fabric
  • Scale deposits wreak havoc on water heater efficiency and service life
  • Costs more to operate a water heater, as scale deposits block heat conductivity
  • Beverages made from the water supply taste-off
  • Plumbing lines collect mineral deposits and are prone to clogs, low flow rate
  • Kitchen and bathroom surfaces are continually covered in mineral scale and soap film
If you have any of these signs going on in your home, now’s the time to call Instant Plumbing and Rooter!

Long-Term Benefits Of Having A Water Softener To Prolong The Life Of The Plumbing Fixtures And Appliances In Your Home

  • Reduce the likelihood of clogged water pipes, as mineral blockages are practically eliminated.
  • Extend the service life of any water-consuming home appliance by keeping mineral deposits out.
  • Get rid of foul-tasting water, caused by hard minerals. Water softeners can also eliminate water odor.
  • Lower your utility spend and save money as all water-consuming appliances run more efficiently without hard minerals draining them.
  • Dishes lather up with little soap and cleaning goes quicker. Plus, those stubborn hard water spots disappear.
  • Water heaters do their job more efficiently, without sediment collection in the tank blocking heat transfer or gumming up the heating elements.

How Much Do Whole House Water Softeners Cost?

A water softener install requires more than just the appliance itself. There is a water line called a loop that is needed to feed water to the unit and through the home. There also needs to be a drain, for when the water softener system regenerates. An electrical outlet near the unit is also needed, if there is not an outlet nearby, please contact a licensed electrical contractor. Check out our Water Softeners page for more information about the units we offer, and our Pricing page for Water Softener pricing with an existing loop and drain. If there is not a loop or drain, we will need to do an in-person estimate.

Hero Water Softener install Scottsdale, AZ
Hero Water Softener

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