Can you consume softened water?

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First off, what is the difference between soft and hard water?

Hard water is water that has an excess of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals in it. These minerals can cause a buildup in your pipes and on your plumbing fixtures. Soft water has the calcium, magnesium, and other minerals removed and filters the water with either salt or potassium. Some water softeners also include an additional carbon filter to further filter the water.

Is hard water safe to drink?

The safety of unfiltered tap or hard water has been widely debated and depending on your search terms, you can probably find the answer you want from a reputable source through a cursory internet search. In the end, the consumption safety of hard water depends on the cleanliness of the water in your area, your own personal comfortability, and any dietary or medical restrictions. Any specific medical or dietary concerns (such as salt intake) should be consulted with your trusted medical professional prior to choosing a water softening or filtration system.

Is soft water safe to drink?

Yes! Soft water is safe to drink. Most salt softened water has been filtered to the point where it is considered by the FDA to have a “very low sodium content” per glass. This means that you can enjoy your soft clean water without the worry of high sodium content. Potassium softened water is also safe to drink and may be a viable option for those concerned about sodium intake.

Is soft water safe to cook with? 

Absolutely! Cooking with softened water means your water will be free from excess minerals, leaving cleaner water to consume.

Softened water is safe to cook and clean with and can help prevent water spots and calcium buildup on your plumbing fixtures. Adding a water softener to your home can help to ensure that your family is getting clean crisp water with every glass! To learn more about the different water softener systems that we offer and for information on pricing, please visit our Water Softener page.

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